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Helping to Understand Our World
Committed to Finding Better Ways to Live in It

About Us

RSMC is a privately financed startup with solutions to four (4) significant global problems patent pending. You will soon have the opportunity to judge the societal value of these products and usefulness to you.

If just one of these products fills a genuine need in the global marketplace, we will do very well. If two are accepted, we will do exceptionally well financially, and in fulfilling our higher needs. For us this is just the beginning, as we have more then a dozen other products ready for development.

At RSMC we also practice what we preach. This commitment manifests itself in the choices of what we do and in the choices of how we do what we do.

By choosing to make the world a better place - rather than, for example, creating novelty items or products for a select group or market - we provide a source of pride from accomplishments, while having fun. So we decided not to be a slave to a particular product niche in a particular industry but instead to solve problems wherever they may exist.

When deciding how we do what we do we needed to recognize that even the best form of employment can be disruptive to the lives of others if they are required to relocate, enduring all the problems this creates, then have to come to the office on a daily schedule. To solve this problem we decided that given the right people, management methods and modern technology we do not need to operate this way. This means that while the main office will be located first in Fairfield County, southwest Connecticut, about 50 miles from Times Square, NYC, most employees need not come to work there unless they want to. We suppose that by operating in this way we also help to bring families closer together, or let team members spend more time doing whatever they like to do wherever they like to do it. By doing this we also help to solve other problems, like reducing harmful fuel emissions and conserving on energy.

As a startup we also recognize that to get the best people and to treat them fairly we need to make offers that are hard to turn down. So we offer to a select few, positions with exceptional future compensation opportunities in a company where no one owns stock.

The persons filling positions at RSMC will be key members of a team running a small global-reach company that has the potential and goal to generate at least $100 million in revenue in 5 years. Sales revenue will generate many personal benefits. They will also provide opportunities to explore new concepts and ideas that will sustain our existence and fuel our growth in many ways.

Those providing meaningful contribution to products or processes will receive appropriate recognition, and upon the receipt of patents royalty fees commensurate with contribution.

Given the conditions of startup those who have agreed to join us now will likely remain at their current positions until we are generating sufficient revenue for each to leave, presuming each wishes to do so. Future positions will be filled as fate ordains.

Organization Chart

Tech Mgmt
& Applied
& Industry
& Consulting
Mgmt in Arts
& Humanities
 Applied Science
& Physics
New Product
& Finance
Media Relations
Product LLC's


Profiles of organization members and contributors will be begin here.



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