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Helping to Understand Our World
Committed to Finding Better Ways to Live in It

About RSMC

RSMC is a nonprofit that derives its revenue from providing cost-considerate educational programs, affordable consulting and engineering services, and from the after-tax profits it earns from a number of for-profit proprietary product companies that it creates. We believe this to be a 'new in-service-to' mission-oriented business model.

Functional Relationships between Nonprofit and For-profit Business Units

Research &
for a
Intent to be like an IRS 501 (C)(3)
Scientific & Educational
Charitable & Educational
Charitable & Educational
Scientific, Educational & Charitable
Our nonprofit Goals are shown above. The ways we finance our Goals are shown below.
Tax Paying
E-Mail Guardian
to Come

The company was formed on the premise that a skilled team of professionals can use its collective mind to create practical solutions to a wide range of problems. RSMC's primary nonprofit and for-profit goal is to provide solutions, services and products designed to improve the quality of life.

RSMC is committed to making the human experience more enjoyable, which by necessity also includes finding ways to reduce stress, and whenever possible to provide the opportunity for people to help themselves, because ultimately, self-help is the only help that really works.

To meet this goal RSMC does not limit itself to a specific technology, product, or market but rather seeks to find realistic and practical solutions to selected problems that appear to have been either overlooked in the marketplace or remain unsolved. The company expects to be on the leading edge of some technologies and to be continually innovative.

In support of this goal RSMC envisions part of its role to be engaged in the educational process when presenting its products. We therefore try to integrate an educational or learning component to help the user understand the process and or the technology beyond that which is customary.

High ethical standards and the well being of all people are an integral part of the RSMC work ethic.

The various ways that RSMC intends to carry out its goals are explained on the mission page.

Current Products

1) Given the obvious need RSMC's first product is a solution to a significant well known problem: Identity Theft. Identity theft cannot be stopped completely, but it can be turned into a useless act by being rendered harmless. Safety-Zones® is that solution. It can end the huge marketplace losses from identity theft and the negative personal impact that each victim experiences. If adopted by the business community Safety-Zones® will reduce this problem to a non-issue. With this form of theft under control the corporate world will save billions of dollars each year and interest rates for personal credit should drop. It can also help to guard all forms of private information from misuse, from medical records to licenses. Imbedded in its concepts is a method to develop safe electronic voting.

2) Budget-Master.com is a program to help the average person to control debt and plan for the future, when subscribed to our very user-friendly cost-considerate service.

Products in Design

3) E-Mail Guardian is a product to stop spam. Period! Its concept is based on a simple common courtesy 'device' that was developed intuitively thousands of years ago. When ready we expect that each user should be able to install and use it with ease.

4) Call-Blocker™ is a product to stop unwanted telephone/cellphone voice and video calls, fax messages, news, advertisements and other forms of uninvited 'communication'. It will allow you to selectively choose, in advance, which messages ring through and which do not, by using your own switchboard.

Products in our Design and Development Pipeline

RSMC has a variety of projects and inventions ready to be worked on that employ a very wide range of technologies in both the real and virtual worlds.

Forms of Product Availability

Most RSMC products will be available in variety of ways, depending on the market and the needs of the intended user. A product may be:

offered as a subscription service for individual use via the Internet;

offered as a software download for individual use;

purchased via the Internet then shipped to the customer;

licensed for individual use;

licensed for business use;

licensed for classroom use;

available for purchase by a business that wishes to compliment or replace an existing product.


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The mission of RSMC is to improve the quality of life, to encourage new ways of thinking, and to promote positive change in education, business and society